In opening the gym, I would like to share with you some of the recommendations
I have received from students I have taught in countries all over the world.

In opening the gym, I would like to share with you some of the recommendationsI have received from students I have taught in countries all over the world.

01/Poojan Shar

India Kudo Association Ahmedabad branch instructor

I have been training Martial arts for past 15 years. I have trained under many Sensei but most technical & science based knowledge regarding martial arts I received was from Sensei Kazuya Noda!

I trained with Sensei Kazuya Noda for 3 years, in those 3 years of training I could see sharpness & power in my punch & kicks increase! From being an absolutely beginner in judo & jui-jistu to be able to throw, control & submit my opponent on the ground was itself an achievement!

Sensei Kazuya Noda explains movements by tailoring examples according to trainees understanding and thus makes the learning experience easy yet interesting. The technical analysis & philosophies regarding fights are very insightful. Drastic change can be seen in onces fight.
In all best place to train martial arts, knowledge with science base given, Sensei’s teaching method and technical analysis of fight are very insightful.

02/Sensei Carlos Monterroso


Sensei Kazuya Noda was in Guatemala and had shown high level of Karate and gave us many combinations of techniques through hard training.

I know that people can learn high quality of discipline with tears and sweat in his new Dojo.

I appreciate everything you gave us here in Guatemala and pray your success in your Dojo.

03/Keiju Motegi

CEO Crossborders Innovation co., Ltd.

 I was learning MMA with Noda san while I studied abord to India.

Although there were students from many countries around 10, he was teaching very logical and easy to understand no matter difference of culture.

People were enjoying the class and keep coming.

The way he teaches also good for brain, so we could improve body and mind together.

I got 3 years old son and hope his satellite gym opens near my home and going FIGHT SCIENCE with my kid.

Crossborders Innovation co., Ltd. HP: https://www.xb-i.com/

04/Hirokazu Miyoshi

CEO Folium co., ltd

Hirokazu Miyoshi → I met Noda san when I was managing my company in China and joined his MMA club. However I have a experience of Karate, my weight isn’t so heavy.
So he taught me how to utilize my body feature mainly by submissions and ground skills.
Unlike how he looks, he is choosing the words in order to explain each technique in details and demonstrate those skills very strongly.
I was impressed that very cocky Chinese youth are obeying his instructions without hostility.

He also prepares many curriculums depends on members level and experience.
The class was so fun and excited with his funny talk and laugh.
I recommend this gym to the people who want to enjoy the class under the circumstance where you can learn logical systems.

Folium co., ltd. HP: https://www.folium.co.jp/

05/梅村 真平

株式会社LAC 梅村パソコン塾 代表